Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Choking Bunny

One thing I fear, as well as most bunny owners, is a choking incident. I will say that when I first adopted Ebony she would inhale her food like she wouldn't eat again. She's still a fast nommer but not as bad as she was at first. During her first few months here she almost choked on three separate occasions! The first time it happened with some banana, next it occurred with a raspberry and the third time it happened while she was eating a seedless grape, which had been cut in half! Luckily she didn't completely choke but I still worry about choking incidents.

There is something you can do to help your bun bun in that dreaded situation. The Bunny Heimlich has saved the lives of many bunnies. Our friend Suzie over at The Bossy Bunny had a choking experience recently. Her mom remembered what she had read on the Bunny Heimlich and was able to save sweet Suzie's life. There have been other bunnies, who, unfortunately, were not as lucky and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Please study the information here to know how to save your bunny if they suddenly start choking. The information in the link also advises on what to look for to know that your bunny is choking. Keep in mind that bunnies are great at hiding when something is wrong so you do need to be very observant when they exhibit clues that something just isn't right. Remember that bunnies are super fragile, so be sure to support them properly when performing this method. And always take your bun bun to the vet after a choking occurrence. They can quickly develop pneumonia or have another issue from the horrific experience.

I do my best to tear up Gizmo & Ebony's veggies when I make their salads and I cut their fruits into small pieces to reduce the risk of choking. But they can still choke on pellets or other foods. As much as I reduce the chances, it doesn't mean it can't happen. Sometimes we can do everything right and bad things still happen. It's best to prepared for the worst case scenario.

** This information is for educational purposes and is not meant to replace exotic veterinary care. This information is intended only as information. We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your bunny. Bunnies are misunderstood animals and their care gets neglected due to lack of information. We want to break that chain and inform others of the proper needs and care of bunnies.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bunny Christmas List

We have gotten so behind in posting and we sincerely apologize! Since it tis the season, we're posting some of the awesome toys you can buy for your bun bun for the holidays! We hope you enjoy!

Bunnies, along with other animals, are all different. They each have their own personalities so they do have their own likes and dislikes. I have Gizmo & Ebony and they both don't necessarily like the same things. But the items I'm going to talk about here are things that we own and Gizmo and/or Ebony use.

I'm sure you have possibly seen the cute little beds a lot of bunnies have been photographed with on their Facebook pages or from some other source. The Ikea bed was originally designed for dolls but somewhere along the way the beds became a popular item for smaller/average sized bunnies. Gizmo uses the one we have here at times. Ebony, on the other hand, only likes to the pull the little blanket off it. So many bun buns enjoy this little bed.

Gizmo enjoying the Ikea bed.

You can buy a bed by clicking the link below. 

Another fun thing that most bunnies seem to enjoy is the Cottontail Cottage. It's three stories with ramps between the floors. The roof provides a great lounge area! Gizmo & Ebony use their cottage on a regular basis. We place tunnels near it so they can have extra fun. The cottage is made of cardboard, so a bunny will nibble on it, so don't expect it to look pretty the whole time you own it! Just make sure your bunny isn't eating the cardboard. Want to learn more about the cottage? Check it out on Cats and Rabbits and More

Ebony on the roof of the cottage.

Something that I have been using a lot more lately for Gizmo & Ebony is their treat balls. I feel as though they both think every day is lazy Sunday Bunday. So their treats go in the balls now in order to get them moving around. You can find these cute little carrot decorated treat balls at Bunny Approved. Here is a photo of my babies enjoying their treat balls.

Treat Time!

Ebony recently celebrated her second Gotcha Day on November 29. As a present, I ordered the Teach N Treat. She made quick work of figuring out how to get the treats. Gizmo, on the other hand, became aggressive, flipping the whole thing over to get the yummies. He's silly like that! But it really is a neat toy that offers three different "puzzles" for your bun to solve in order to get those delicious goodies. I've only used two of the three puzzles so far for Giz and Ebs. I do love it, though. If you're interested in this toy for your sweet little cotton bottomed baby, you can buy one by clicking the image below.

Now the next items I would like to talk about haven't been given to Gizmo and Ebony just yet. These items are their Christmas presents, so I can't really discuss them yet in full detail. One item ordered was the Hopper Hideaway which is like two small little houses connected by a tunnel. Everything is made from cardboard and it looks so cute! We currently have a similar, homemade setup but it is getting old and in need of an upgrade. So we can tell you more about that item after Christmas but I am very excited to see them playing in the Hopper Hideaway! Order one here from Binky Bunny

Another thing I bought the buns for Christmas is the Tunnel Haven, which is a Binky Bunny exclusive item. My boyfriend also bought them one so they will have two of these amazing tunnels! My boyfriend actually let Gizmo and Ebony play with the tunnel he bought them for about an hour and then took it away, telling them they could have it on Christmas. I told him it wasn't nice to tease them because they really did seem to enjoy it! The Tunnel Haven is an absolutely amazing toy for bunnies. It is completely made of cardboard and is flexible. The tunnel can be stretched out to four or five feet. I seriously can't wait to see them running through TWO of those tunnels! They are going to have so much fun! Can you just imagine the Tunnel Havens connecting to the Hopper Hideaway and their Cottontail Cottage?! Oh my bun, what fun!!